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Scottish tourists attractions quiz
Scottish tourist attractions leaflet
Scottish Tourist Attractions Quiz.doc

1. Teacher gives a general overview of the tourist attractions discussed
in the leaflets - introduction to the exercise.
2. Students must read the tourist attractions leaflet and answer the questions
in the quiz.
Reading, Writing
Social Networking
Facebook - lesson plan.pdf
1. Warm up: teacher asks students about their use of social networks. What social networks do they use? How often do they use them? What do they use them for? Are they a waste of time.
2. Students read text about Ivy Bean and complete exercise 2.
3. Check answers and ask students to complete a profile for a social networking site (exercise 3).
Listening, Speaking
My School
My 1st Year Timetable.xlsx
How is school in Spain different from school in Scotland?
1. Warm up: teacher shows photos of Scottish school (Broughton High - photos 2, 3, 4) and describes a typical day at school (how many classes, number of breaks, length of lunch break, what time students start/finish).
2. Students compare facts about school in Scotland to school in Spain.
3. Teacher hands out timetable (my first year timetable, more or less) and answers any questions (e.g. What is RE? What is SE?).
4. Teacher hands out blank daily schedule - students complete schedule to show a typical day at school in Spain and compare it with a typical Scottish day.
Listening / Speaking
Hotseat (game)
Hot Seat Vocabulary - 1º y 2º.docx
1. Class in split into (at least) two teams.
2. Each team takes it in turn to nominate one member of the class to be in the
'hotseat.' This student sits with their back to the blackboard (the rest of the class
can see the blackboard.
3. Teacher writes a word/phrase on the board, and the other students in the team
have to describe it for the student in the 'hotseat' without using any actions or
Spanish words. If the student correctly guesses the word, their team gets a point.
4. The next team nominates a student for the 'hotseat', etc.
Listening, Speaking
My Heart Skips A Beat - Olly Murs

1. Teacher hands out song lyrics, with some words missing. Students query any words they don't understand.
2. Students watch music video (in 'songs and videos' section) and fill in the blanks.
3. Play song twice to allow students to fill in the gaps, and a third time after going through the answers.
4. Talk about the video - what are the people doing in the video? (skateboarding, playing the drums, etc). Ask if any students do these activities? If not, what do they like to do in their free time?
British Food
Food vocabulary slideshow

Food quiz
1. Show food vocabulary slideshow. Students have to call out the correct words
for each of the pictures. Correct mistakes as they occur.
2. Teacher talks about food in the UK, and shows photos of typical food (talk about
meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner; starter, main course, dessert; most popular food in the
UK). Slideshow:
3. Students complete 'food quiz' in class or as homework.
4. Students talk about their favourite type of food, how it is made, ingredients, etc.

1. Haunted house drawing (for lower levels / Primaria): Students use dictionaries to work out where to draw the Halloween objects described.

1. Students listen and watch the video - This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton) and fill in the blanks. Video in 'songs and videos' section.
2. Check answers and go over any vocabulary.
Listening, Speaking

1. Teacher gives presentation about Hogmanay - traditions, customs, etc. Includes photos and videos (first footing, street party, loony dook, etc).
2. Students complete Hogmanay quiz (2 levels: 1º/2º and 3º/4º)
3. Students discuss differences between Hogmanay in Scotland and celebrations which take place in Spain on New Year's Eve.

Videos in 'Songs and Videos' section

1. Last lesson before Christmas! Students are given the lyrics of several Christmas pop songs with some words missing and must fill in the blanks. Maybe another exercise matching words / pictures or circling words which appear in the songs?
2. Songs:
John Lennon: Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Mariah Carey: All I Want For Christmas Is You
The Ramones: Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight
The Slade: Merry Christmas Everybody
Wham!: Last Christmas.

Lyrics to the left; videos in the 'songs and videos' section
Listening, reading, writing
Family Trees
British Royal Family Tree


London Transport

Rabbie Burns
Burns Cottage Photos

Free Time Activities
Free time activities photos

Listening, Speaking, Reading

1. PPP: main genres of TV programmes
2. Ask students questions about TV and their TV habits
3. Each student discusses their favourite TV programme with a partner (name, channel, when it's on, etc)
4. Hand out UK TV Guide (Friday 17th February). Ask about main similarities and differences to Spanish TV.
5. Reading exercise: Students match programme descriptions to genres, i.e. cartoons, nature, documentary.
6. Quiz
Reading, Speaking, Listening, Problem
Story match-up

1. A story is cut up, and a paragraph is given to each student.
2. Students must read out their section(s) and must put the story in the correct order, without writing anything down or speaking in Spanish.
3. Follow-up activities: what is the story about? What should the title be? What is the moral of the story?

Sport in the UK

What are the most popular sports in the UK? Who are the most famous sportspeople?
Speaking, Listening
Chat-up Lines



- Healthy Free time activities in Britain
- Food and drink in the UK / Healthy eating habits.
- Christmas in pop music
- Hogmanay
- Robert Burns
- The London Olympic Games
- TV in the UK (channels, most popular programs and stars, etc.)